Imagine if you will the RNLI pulling into a Kent port, its pristine, rugged rescue boats glimmering like an oasis in a desiccated desert, pulling in to decant their overladen bows with the flotsam of privileged Middle Eastern young men on the garden of England’s shores. Imagine them being met with a formidable Border Agency championed by their commander in chief the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and a Prime Minister, Boris Johnson determined to protect it borders and return any of those gangster backed travellers. 

Imagine? There is no need to imagine the RNLI interception and deliverance or that gangsters are successfully building careers and bank balances to the tune of $208 million in three years on the backs of 22,000 migrants who have crossed the channel from France to England since 2018.  For most of the British public they could only dream of a leader determined to return those illegally entering  the UK.  Reality is that when the government figures show that they have only returned 165 Channel Crossing Migrants and that in the year 2021 the numbers of total returns of unlawful entrants to the UK was down a huge 54%  there is no evidence of a formidable leader defending the borders of the UK

Kent has always been an entry point for invaders and migrants from the European continent. Unlike the Germanic Jutes, who invaded the same shores in the 5th century and were met and challenged by local people but eventually suppressed by their new masters or the Romans who at least for a short time had to fight the Brits before conquering them, these modern day invaders are not met by any resistance. The numbers arriving are greater than the 12000 force William assembled in Saint Valery-Sur-Somme to invade England and defeat Harold at Hastings. 

Yet instead of resistance we know that the opposite occurs. As the RNLI proudly brags, through its slick London PR team’s new marketing adverts, that it rescues these poor, bedraggled stranded, asylum claimants it also managed to raise just a little more than the Chief Executives annual salary in new donations on the back of it. Yet their adverts fail to announce that in a Home Affairs Select Committee meeting in September 2020 the intelligence services were aware that the gangsters and traffickers were calling in the very same warning “shouts” to get the RNLI to pick up their clients and ensure a safe secure revenue stream n the future as these migrants pay back interest on the loans they incurred to make the journey. 

Instead of returning the same migrants back to France our political class waiver over the niceties of an international incident with France and thus ignore international maritime which will let them do exactly that. Under the  under the Safety at Life at Sea Convention, SOLAS for short, international law permits  a country to return illegal migrant crossings to their origin of departure where there is criminal intent. People traffickers organising such crossings are indeed criminal intent. Instead of sending them back we seek to cajole the French to accept this and try to buy them of with £250 million of funding enough to pay the annual salaries of 800 French Border guards. 

Instead of making it difficult to remain in the UK our government accepts the words of 98% of those Channel Migrants who claim that they are asylum seekers. My own evidence of being in the Calais camps in 2014 and 2015 and echoed by Adam Holloway MP ,who went under cover in the camps in 2018 is that they are mainly young male economic migrants. The governments own figures on asylum claimants and those in the detention system that they are mainly men between the ages of 18 and 45 is that 82% of them are exactly that, you economic migrants.

And instead of returning those who fail asylum applicants 86% are placed on bail, contracts to the tune of 4.5 billion are signed with large corporates like Serco, Mears Homes to provide accommodation, food and shelter for years to the growing population of asylum claimant. Altogether we now have a middle eastern population of young men approximate to the size of the city of Marivan in Kurdistan or Basingstoke in Hampshire. 

Priti Patel has always been a strong voice for those who believe that asylum is a duty and an honour, but economic migrants do not fall in that category and should be removed. Only recently she said of the channel migrants “  If you enter illegally from a safe country like France where you should and could have claimed asylum, you are not seeking refuge from persecution – as is the intended purpose of the asylum system”.  She is aware that the Home Secretary has an almost impossible task to eke out a strong positive solution when within the civil service their is strong strand of pro open door migrationists, who do not see an issue and use the 1951 UN Convention on Refugee status to frame her legal and political actions. 

There are her political opponents in Labour, Lib Dems SNP or House Lords who would see it as a victory to remove her and frame her actions in racist and xenophobic tones. There are government bodies, such as the Crown Prosecution Service who inexcusably will no longer prosecute channel migrants as illegal under current immigration law. Of course there is also the political intransigence of the French and EU, and the global community of heavily funded NGO’s and UN who will never need to suffer the negative consequences of open door illegal migrants but whose livelihoods are dependent on them actually existing and continuing to illegally cross borders. 

At the moment Priti Patel is trying to make some movement with the new immigration act and the attempts to garner some movement with the French. Think Sacre Blue will become Scare Red before the latter is ever achieved. But the big question is why her determination to achieve even these small changes are not completed. The answer must lie in the forces of stagnation, open door migrationist supporters and a community of people who work in government who lazily undertake their roles in the hope they can get by the day without having to make a tough decision or any decision that will come back on them.

Politics, position, status quo and difficult practicalities prevent the achievement of a goal Priti Patel wants. There are rumours that she was asked to leave the Home Office and refused. Thanks goodness she didn’t . Without the support, unhindered and wholesome of the prime Minister then changes in border control that matter won’t happen. So are there attempts to throw Priti Patel under the bus. This is a mistake for the future of controlled migration, but time will see if this is true. 

This article is by Steven Woolfe who is also editor of and has the YouTube channel @TheWoolfeReport

Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe

He strongly believes his background and route through life enables him to understand both the needs of communities affected by immigration and the life of immigrants who have settled in the UK. He passionately believe Britain is not a racist nation, but a fair one where all can live but policies need to address the inequities in society and the impacts of immigration both positive and negative.