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CMEP was founded to provide a voice for those who believe that immigration can bring benefits to society where it is managed, respects those impacted the most in society, permits integration, is flexible, and respects the values, culture and peoples of the home state. Listen to our latest Podcast on current issues.

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Latest immigration issues

4 December, 2021

13 Ways to stop the Channel migrant crisis

13 Ways to stop the Channel Migrant Crisis 2021 has been a bumper year for people traffickers selling their UK Eldorado travel packages to their middle eastern customer base.…
18 August, 2021

Uk Immigration and Detention Centres Statistics Update 31 July 2021

This Briefing provides statistics and analysis on the numbers, nationalities and details of how the Home Office dealt with...
27 January, 2021

Why are open door migrationists so mean & hypocritical?

There is a weird intellectual journey that supporters of open border immigration follow...
10 February, 2021

Detention Centres

What now for US immigration with President Biden in charge.  Will the battle of wills between...

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